Monday, January 19, 2009

Padikathavan - You are watching at your own risk

I have always been apprehensive to go and watch tamil movies (albeit a very few) and this time this movie confirmed my fears. This was the worst movie that i could have seen for a long time. The problem with tamil cinema is that the directors try to portray the hero as a larger than life image and when the hero happens to be Dhanush, things get very difficult for the director. A new comer as a director (since i have never heard the director's name before this one) with super hero Dhanush and Tamanna as the charming female lead with a story that you would die to not watch all added to our woes.
Right from the start when Dhanush fights macho men with ease, things become unbelievable. Tamanna sizzles in the dance sequences where she has the leeway to bare herself and she does a good job at it. In no other movie would you have seen the audience giving themselves a break during each of the songs. I do not remember any of the songs in the movie, so you could guess how bad it might have been. The songs are one too many and you start to think about how many songs does dhanush get to play with Tamanna. The fight sequences are horrible too. The villain shoots from the helicopter and two cars are blown 20 metres into the sky. Next he shoots another and one more goes high into the sky.
Vivek comes in the second half but your expectations become a damp squib. The story is bad and there is no logic in the way tamanna falls in love with dhanush out of pity. The dialogue where dhanush says that girls wont like guys like him the first time they see, but would like as they see him again and again is good. Some scenes tickle your funny bone here and there but the concept of a puny guy beating up every dada around him just doesnt fall in place. On a holistic view, the film is pretty bad and if you ask me to rate it on a scale of 5, i would give it somewhere between 0 to 1. My friends and I decided not to watch any movies if it was directed by Suraaj. Believe me, its that bad...

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