Sunday, January 18, 2009

'VA' effect on my new year resolutions

VA effect, you might be thinking what this guy is talking about. For those who have guessed it, yes, you are right. I am talking about Vaaranam Aiyaram. Man, what a movie. Although this blog is not for reviewing the movie, i am about to tell you what effects it has had over me. For starters, the romantic surya with his guitar and his 6 pack just made things worse. Those were the best moments in the movie as far as i am concerned. It just made you love him for the romantic he his. Any girl would have atleast thought about falling in love with him once. I just adore the character he portrays and would definitely like to transform myself into that.

But realistically speaking, i cannot start looking like Surya. Of course, i know that. Although i can start training myself for a six pack and definitely start learning to play the guitar. So i made a decision and it ended up being my new year resolutions and have started to hit the gym. Yes, for those of you who have seen me, six packs doesnt come in a fortnight and for me, it might very well take over six months. Hence i got this six month six pack deal from a very good gym and i could not help myself from joining it. So part of my plan is already put into action.

Now the second part, playing the guitar. Man, i havent even touched one in all my life but now i want to play like the way surya did (although he wouldnt have in the movie, it looked cool). So i started enquiring places where they teach amateurs on learning to play the guitar. I found one on the internet and signed up immediately. Wow, i am on target and these have become my short term goals. Now the only thing missing is a beautiful sameera reddy so that i can romance with her. Hope i find mine and impress her the way surya did in the movie. Just cant wait to play romantic songs on my guitar to my girl. Lol..


  1. I think u were seriuosly trying ur luck with the egyptian when u wrote this blog. Don u worry dude. If not an egyptian, an israeli would be lucky..... Keep playing the guitar.... atleast striking the chords now and then.....